10 Things You Need To Do: Zelle Change Phone Number

Zelle is a free app that allows you to send money to anyone with a US bank account. The name comes from the app’s founder and CEO, Marcus Lelivette. You can set up a Zelle account with any US bank and send money instantly. You can also receive money in your bank account.

In this article, we will show you how to change your phone number on Zelle. This will allow you to change your phone number at will without waiting for Zelle to send you a new card.

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What is Zelle

Zelle is one of the most convenient online payment services. It is fast, secure, and convenient. Zelle is integrated with more than 30 banks of the U.S and hence making it easier to enroll in Zelle. Even if your bank does not support Zelle, you can enroll in it using your debit card or Visa card.

Zelle is a great app for digital money transfer. It allows you to send money to anyone having an eligible bank account in the U.S just by entering their registered mobile number or email address.

Can You Change Zelle Phone Number?

It is possible to change your phone number with Zelle. If you want to change your phone number, you must do it through your linked bank account or credit union.

How to update your phone number on Zelle?

Changing a phone number is possible through your online banking app. For example, if you are a customer of the U.S. bank, visit the official website through your PC and follow the given steps:

  • Go to “send money” and now select “send money with Zelle.”
  • Now click on “enroll to receive” and continue.
  • You can update your contact information here and click on “continue.”
  • Update your phone number or email address at this point.
  • Select your primary account and click on “continue.”
  • Click “confirm” on the next screen.

If you want to change the phone number from your banking app, follow the given steps:

  • Click on “Send Money.”
  • Click on the gear icon to change recipients.
  • From your edit details page, you can choose the mobile phone number, to update to a new mobile phone number from your bank profile.

You can also update the email address here.

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How To Change Zelle Phone Number Citi?

You can change your phone number or email address linked with your Zelle profile.

  • On your Citi bank or Citi bank website, go to the 
  • Click on app feature settings. 
  • Now tap on “Zelle settings.”
  • You can see the option of adding a new email or phone number. Tap on it and, you can update your email or phone number now.

How to change phone number with Chase

To change your phone number on chase, log on to chase.com

  • Now, find the “profile and settings” tab on the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to find the “Personal details” section.
  • Now you can see various sections on the page. Click on the section you want to update.

If you want to change your phone number, tap on “phone.”

  • To add a phone number:
  • Click on “add a phone number” and select “home.”
  • Now select the type of phone number you have; domestic or international.
  • Now enter the number you want to add and save the changes.

Now, if you want to change the phone number.

  • Just click on “edit” and provide the number you wish to add.
  • You can also find the option to delete o remove a number. Just click on “delete.”

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How to remove a phone number from Zelle?

There can be a situation where you lose your mobile phone number and decide to get another number.

 In this case, you might want to remove your mobile phone number and use a new one.

In this case, you need to contact your financial institution. Call your bank customer service to solve your query. Many banks also provide this feature on their mobile banking app.

What if I forgot which phone number I used to enroll in Zelle?

There are two solutions to this issue:

You can confirm it from the bank you have the account in. 

You can also launch the Zelle app on your phone and click on the gear icon on the corner of your screen. From there, you can see the mobile phone number linked with your Zelle account.

Zelle is not accepting my phone number?

 If you are trying to enroll with Zelle and it is not accepting your phone number, there can be a few reasons for that:

  • You are entering an incorrect mobile phone number.
  • Your phone number is not U.S.-based.
  • You have input the wrong country code.
  • Your phone number has been enrolled with Zelle at a different bank or credit union.
  • It is registered with  clearxchange.com 

How Does Zelle Work with a Phone number?

Once you get enrolled with Zelle, all you need is the email address or the phone number of the person you want to send money to. You can send the amount using only their phone number or email address. Money gets transferred from your account to your bank account almost instantly.

Can I use Zelle Without a Phone Number?

Zelle is integrated with almost all major banks of the U.S. It can be used to send or receive money from almost anyone. Money through Zelle can also be sent through your banking app or the Zelle app.

If you are using Zelle through the app, you must provide a U.S based mobile phone number or an email address and debit card information to start sending and receiving money.

in Conclusion, About Zelle change phone number

You can visit the official Zelle website and find their customer care services number. You can also take help from your financial institution.

From there, you can call the support team and raise your query.