Why is my Zelle payment pending

Zelle is one of the fastest payment services that allow you to send or receive money quickly and easily. It is integrated with almost 30 top U.S banks making it easier to use. Even if your bank is not associated with Zelle, you still get to enroll with Zelle using your debit card or Visa.

If you are new to Zelle, you might not know some of its policies. 

How to view pending payments on Zelle

Your payment status will show pending if the recipient has not yet received the amount in their bank account. You can view the transactions you made and even cancel a pending payment if you want to.

Follow the steps to cancel a pending payment:

  1. Open your bank’s mobile banking app and click on “send money with Zelle.”
  2. You will see the “activity” tab below the “send” and “request” options.
  3. Tap on the activity button. Now, you can see all your transactions. You can also see a pending tab there. You can see the receiver’s name and the amount you sent to them here.
  4. If you want to cancel the payment, simply tap on “cancel” to cancel the transaction of your choice.

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Why is my Zelle payment pending?

There could be a few reasons why your payment status is pending.

User not enrolled in Zelle:

This is one of the main reasons why Zelle shows your payment pending.

If you sent money to someone who has not yet enrolled in Zelle, he might not be able to receive it until he created an account on Zelle. The payment will be pending for at least 14 days unless they claim it. If they still did not enroll in Zelle within the given period, the payment made but will expire and you will get your money back in your account within a short period.

You entered the wrong Email address:

With Zelle, you only need to enter the correct email address or the recipient’s U.S. registered mobile phone number for paying.

If you entered the wrong email address there are high chances that somebody else has received the money. However, if you have made a spelling mistake while typing the email or phone number and entered a non-existing phone number or email address, the payment would still be pending, and you can cancel the payment.

Tried International transfer:

With Zelle you can only send and receive the money within the U.S. If you tried making an international payment then the money might not be transferred. Hence, the payment status would show pending.

Payment on non-business days:

You might face a delay if you paid someone on a non-business day. Payments made on weekends or after 7 pm EST, usually take a little time for the transfer to take place. It is not usually a thing to worry about as the payment will be transferred quickly.

Users Zelle account blocked:

There can be instances where you sent your money to a receiver but the user still did not receive the payment. This can be due to the user’s account being blocked by Zelle for some reason.

Zelle usually blocks a user account if there were support team reports against the account or they noticed some suspicious activities in the user’s account. Hence, this is one of the reasons your payment might be pending.

Issues with the bank server

Sometimes your payment might be on processing because of some issues with the bank servers. If the bank servers are not working efficiently, you might see an error code, or your payment status might be pending. Also, the person you sent the money to would not receive the money in their bank account.

Technical issue with Zelle

If your bank servers are running smoothly and everything seems alright with your internet, there might be some issues with Zelle servers.

To make a transfer, Zelle and your bank both work together. So, if any of their servers are not running efficiently, then you might face some problems.

This kind of issue resolves in a short time, so you need not worry and maybe try again in some time.

Problems with Zelle or Bank app:

Sometimes when you do not have the latest version of an app, it does not work efficiently. Hence, check if your bank app or Zelle app has been updated to the latest version.

These are some common problems which lead our payments to be pending. You can easily solve these issues by yourself but if you are facing problems, below are some tips to help you.

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How to solve pending payment issues

Enter the correct email address or mobile phone number:

As mentioned above, there might be some typing error, made by you in the email or phone number. You can check your email address or phone number and correct your mistake.

Make the payment only to a registered phone number or email address. It is better to double-check the spelling for any errors.

Ask the recipient to enroll in Zelle

The payment status might be pending because the user has not yet enrolled with Zelle. If sending the money to someone who does not have a Zelle account, ask them to enroll in Zelle and claim their payment. If they do not register with Zelle within 14 days of the payment, the payment will expire, and you will get your money back in your account.


There might be some technical issues with the servers of your bank or Zelle. Wait for some time so that you can initiate the transfer again.

Cancel the payment

You can cancel the pending payment if you wish to. If you have paid someone who has not registered with Zelle, you can easily cancel the payment until they have not yet claimed it.

Make payments on business days

As mentioned above, if you make payments on non-business days of the bank, your payment status might show pending. Hence, if you want an instant transfer, try making payments only on business days.

Contact Zelle customer care service

If any of the above-mentioned solutions did not work for you, you can always contact Zelle customer services and take help from them.

You can contact Zelle customer care services and tell them about your issue.

You can contact them at:

Email address: customerservice @ zellepay.com

Contact number: 

Why is Zelle taking three days to transfer money?

If the recipient has enrolled in Zelle newly, it can take at least 1-3 business days for them to receive the money in his account. This is only for the first payment, and it usually does not take this long to transfer the payment.

Can a Zelle payment be cancelled?

If your payment is pending, it is easy to cancel the payment. Canceling a payment on Zelle depends on whether the person has yet claimed the money or not. You can easily cancel the Zelle payment if the receiver has not yet enrolled with Zelle. 

If you sent money to someone already enrolled with Zelle, then the money goes directly to their bank, and you will not be able to cancel the payment.

How to cancel a payment on Zelle?

You can easily cancel a Zelle payment by visiting your bank’s website. For example, if you are a user of Wells Fargo bank:

  1. Open the Wells Fargo app on your phone.
  2. Log in with your username and password or the touch ID.
  3. Now find the section called “account summary.”
  4. On the home screen, click on “send money with Zelle.”
  5. Click on the Activity tab to see all your payments.
  6. Tap on a payment that says “pending” to cancel the payment.
  7. After that, you can see the amount and name of the person you sent your money. Now tap on the “cancel” button below that.

in Conclusion: Why Is My Zelle Payment Pending

There are many reasons why Zelle shows your payment status as pending. There can be one of the various reasons stated above.

We hope the solutions mentioned above, would help you with your issue. Are you a Zelle app user? If yes, what changes do you recommend in Zelle? Let us know.