Vendor management

We win, when you win!

A convenient way to manage your vendors/ Effective and standardized vendor management system

Cybermate’s vendor management platform creates efficiency across the board. Vendors play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of businesses by providing goods, services or business support systems.

A professional procurement process can be beneficial and it can make sure to pay the best price for goods and services. It allows you to efficiently manage entire cycle of procurement process. The process begins from the user departments raising an indent for goods/services, looking for requirements and specifications, seeking quotations, issuing purchase/work orders, taking delivery, inspection of reports/approvals for invoice processing.

Take advantage of our platform which covers:

  • Quotations Comparison
  • Integration of inventory module for stock requirement
  • Stock notifications and estimations
  • Inspection
  • Invoice approval
  • The vendor record keeping

In addition to the above, detail analytical reports are made available in multiple formats with facility to make it accessible to different users. Thus, choosing Cybermate will help you and provide features which are dynamic in changing commercial practices.