SMAC services

Unleash new ideas for business innovations

SMAC is redefining the IT industry and boosted the digital world. Social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing have collaboratively boosted the fundamentals of digital infrastructure and enterprise in the market.

Cybermate is taking the digital world to the next level by customizing the SMAC services suitable for our clients. The Cybermate team has a clear vision and is always connected clients through SMAC. Cybermate provides tools and services that will get you smart analytics giving you instant access to required data for your quick and real-time decisions.

We welcome you to the most significant change to transform your business. The power of this technology platform is in treating it as stack, for its components have a multiplying effect when they work in combination. Cybermate has observed that the IT industry has witnessed new innovations in computing which have changed the way IT services are delivered to the businesses and end users, however, the flow is along with Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies collectively known as SMAC

Social Media

Social media is more than just a cult at present. It has turned out to be the most profitable areas of focus for businesses at present. Social media has made geographical boundaries meaningless and its usage has grown exponentially. It has become one of platforms to connect and exchange views, collaborate with each other encouraging many clients and brand building.


Mobiles have modernized the way people use digital content. Digital content has come to the fingertips of many with the help of smart phones and tablets. The flexibility of suing smart phones anywhere has led to an easy access of technologies. Leveraging on mobile technologies that support Business heads for quick and effective decision making with smart business operations in their financial agendas, and multiple modes of payments and remittance solutions.


Analyzing raw data helps gauge operational efficiencies and arms decision makers with much needed insights to carry out actions to attain important milestones. It is essential for companies to review and preserve analytics in order to build future business strategies.


Cloud has gained immense importance because it has become one of the most effective methods of storage, collaboration and sharing of data. It has been adopted by all the IT companies and clients in order to improve productivity and foster innovation. It has gained much importance as it maintains transparency and speed in the event of multiple users interface.

The main features of cloud include data storage, data backup, data accessibility, collaboration and resources.