Recurring payments with Bank of America? Here is what you need to do

Zelle is a digital payment service that allows you to transfer money from the comfort of your home.

Paying electronically saves time from manually visiting someone and paying them, especially, if they stay in different parts of the city like us. 

Those who have to make regular payments might want to schedule their payments so it reaches the recipient automatically on a set date.

However, setting recurring payments with Zelle does not depend on Zelle. It depends on your financial institution.

Different banks have different policies. Hence you would want to check them up first if they support recurring or scheduled payments.

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Does bank of America support recurring payments?

Not all banks support recurring deposits; those who do might not provide a high spending limit. For instance, Navy Federal Credit Union allows sending a maximum of $2,500 per day whereas, the Bank of America allows sending up to $3,500 per day and up to $20,000 every 30 days through Zelle. However, Bank of America does not support recurring payments.

These limits aren’t set or dependent on Zelle. Different banks chose to impose restrictions on their send limits.

Bank of America might have higher spending limits than other banks yet it doesn’t offer to set up recurring payments.

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Can Zelle make recurring payments to friends?

You can set up recurring payments to almost anybody, provided your bank supports recurring-payment deposits.

Using the Bank of America App to send and receive money:

Do you know you can Zelle money through your online banking app too? If your bank supports Zelle, it is possible to transfer money directly from your online mobile banking app. You would not need a separate app to transfer money.

To start using Zelle from your Bank of America online banking app:

· Launch the Bank of America app on your device.

· Sign in and follow the instructions given on the screen.

· Enroll in Zelle with your email address or a U.S based mobile phone number.

Sending money with Zelle:

· To start sending money through Zelle:

· Launch your bank of America online banking app on your device.

· Tap on “transfer with Zelle” to start sending money.

· Select your recipient.

· Now enter the amount of money you want to send.

· Tap on “send” to complete the transaction. You can also add a note if you wish to.

How to set up recurring payments with Zelle

If you are not a bank of America user and want to set up recurring payments with Zelle, you can do it easily. As mentioned earlier, it depends on your bank. Many Banks support automatic payments, so you need to find out from your bank.

It is not easy to include a guide for every eligible bank, therefore, we have set up a general guide to set up a recurring account.

· As it depends on your bank whether they support scheduling payments or not, launch the mobile banking app on your device.

· Note: you must update your app to the latest version.

· Now log in to your account with your correct Bank Credentials.

· After you have logged into your bank account, tap on “send money with Zelle.”

· If you do not find the option, try looking in the “payment” section from the “Settings” on your bank’s app.

After clicking on “Send money with Zelle,” choose the amount of money you want to set and proceed.

Finally, you can choose the date of payment. Enter the month’s date on which you want to send money monthly.

Now, if your bank has the option to select the frequency of the payment, you can select it. Choose the number of times you want to make the payment.

Finally, to complete the scheduling of payment, you need to enter the recipient’s details.

Just enter the Zelle username of the individual you want to make the payment to. You can also set up recurring payments for a third-party service. Just enter the required details and you are all set.

If you want to set up multiple recipients for recurring payments, you can follow the same steps to add anyone.

With everything set, the payments would be made automatically through Zelle on the set date every month. The money will get deducted from your bank account.

How to set up a recurring payment on Zelle with Ally Bank:

Log in to online banking and choose “Send money with Zelle.

  • Enter the amount on the next screen, and select Change.
  • Choose the frequency to set up your recurring payment.
  • It must be noted: recurring payments are sent with Standard delivery (1-3 business days). Money scheduled to be sent on a holiday, or a weekend, would be sent the prior business day.

Setting up a recurring payment with a U.S Bank

  • Launch your online banking app and follow the given steps:
  • Tap on Bill payments from the main menu.
  • Choose Pay Bills& U.S bank accounts. Select “Autopay set up now” in the biller details that could be found on the right.
  • Fill in the amount you want to pay and select the frequency and the start date of the payment. Then, select the account you wish to pay from. Then start autopay.

Setting up recurring payments with Wells Fargo

If you are wondering how to set up recurring payments with Wells Fargo, we have included that as well.

Follow the given steps:

  • Launch the Wells Fargo online banking app on your phone.
  • Now log in to your Wells Fargo App
  • Go to the “Account Services” section and select “set up recurring payment”
  • Now enter the details of the recipient to whom you want to send the money.

Follow the prompts on the screen to complete setting up the scheduled payments.

Bottom line: Recurring Payments With Bank Of America

We hope you were able to find the solution to your query. Here are some tips you should remember before setting up recurring payments with Zelle.

Recurring payments usually take 1-3 business days to get transferred.

Payments usually take 1-3 days to get transferred, but there can be delays sometimes. At times your scheduled date falls on a public holiday, there can be a delay in transfer.

 Hence, be patient before taking any further actions. If the delay issue lasts for more than a week, contact your financial institution to know more.