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Our leading-edge infrastructure and technology is a testament to our passion for technology and aesthetics. Over the years we have been constantly investing in the latest and greatest technological solutions to ensure our systems are current with the best in the industry.

Cybermate Infotek Ltd. (CIL) was founded in may 1994 at Hyderabad, India with the sole objective of providing stellar services to our customers while embracing the best of technology. With this motive, we have evolved into a veritable software solutions and services company specializing in developing software around web and web-related technologies (both Microsoft and open source). We are CIL are committed to good corporate governance and continually strive to attain the highest standards when it comes to our internal systems and policies.

Industry Overview

Technology and software are radically transforming all walks of life, natural or human-made, with businesses being the prime beneficiaries of this resurgence. The downward spiral in hardware costs, emerging software technologies and technology-enabled-services, enhanced network bandwidth continues to spur the rapid digitization of business processes and information, across industries. This revolution is culminating in continued customer delight by opening new avenues, disrupting markets and automating core functions. Conventional business models are now paving way for digital and software-based business models. As a result, the products are innovative and user-friendlier than ever, costs are competitive and supply chain robust. In light of this disruption, it’s imperative for established companies to reinvent their businesses and business models, by having technology and user experience at the forefront.

It’s critical for business leaders to set their strategic imperatives that focus on exploiting cutting edge technologies and new business models, to ensure their businesses are future-ready. It’s increasingly becoming important for IT departments to be efficient, cost-effective and relevant. To achieve this, investing in distributed cloud computing, deriving value from digitized data and enabling legacy systems for mobile and sensor access, is paramount. Businesses need to continually explore new technological solutions that are more intelligent, make sense economics wise and have stellar cost-benefit performance.

This breakneck advancement in technology calls for technology professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable in both conventional and digital platforms, in order to positively transform the business. Due to this ever-increasing need, businesses are constantly relying on third party service providers. This brought about the burgeoning technology solution and service providers, who tailor their offerings according to customer needs:

  • Global technology outsourcing companies – who transform their businesses and optimize their customers’ IT operations by tapping into their global talent pools
  • Business process management firms – who manage their customers’ outsourced core business processes by tapping into their global talent pools
  • Niche technology consulting companies – who deal with limited-scope and time-bound projects for their customers
  • Specialty platform and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies – who provide their customers with utility-based software models
  • Data analytics companies – who design, analyze and report insights from the enormous amount of data about customers, markets and operations
  • Software firms – who make business process automation possible by providing licensed software
  • Internal IT departments of the companies, which are effectively the cost centers

Blockchain is a pivotal platform for digitization in that it may overhaul infrastructures, may also play a critical role in risk management, innovation, cyber security, big data and telematics.

Digitization is changing the way customers view businesses and implement innovative ideas to gain competitive edge and bottom-line gains. Adapting to smart digitization plans and adopting new technologies will help in overcoming business challenges. It helps the industry to evolve and enhance the quality of performance. Whereas, Blockchain is a digitized technology phenomenon that logs all crypto currency transactions. It is much more than a mere instrument in the field of finance. It serves as a ledger that cannot be tampered with and enforces transparency. This is where Blockchain steps in, enforcing transparency and is incorruptible in that it ensures both parties’ contract is fulfilled and any monetary transfers that happen between those two parties remains between them, and no third party nor any bank would be aware of the transaction.

We at Cybermate are at the cutting edge of emerging technologies; Blockchain and Digitization are no exceptions. Our prowess includes effectively and efficiently helping our customers implement Blockchain and Digitization. We have skilled and seasoned professionals who ensure your needs are met in terms of effectively utilizing technologies like Blockchain and Digitization, while also helping you optimize your costs.