IoT smart devices

A boon to bring smart connections to life

IoT has already entered our lives and changed the way we travel, work and live. The idea of connecting the physical world to the internet is to improve the efficiency and quality of life by making machines and devices more intelligent. The research shows that nearly 30 billion devices will be driven on Internet of things by 2020 and will be wirelessly connected.

Cybermate Infotek is evolving with IOT and has a fully equipped team creating innovative solution with great addition to the product line as per the Global Standards. Our personalized solutions add up further strength and positive impact on IOT by connecting things with smart devices. IOT is driven by a combination of Sensors; Connectivity; People and Processes.


Sensors such as Digital Nervous System, Location Data using GPS, Eyes and Ears – Camera & Microphones and Digital Sensory Organs are used.


Connectivity is made through digitizing sensors and placing them into the networks.

People & Processes

People & Processes, in here the network inputs are combined into Bi-Directional systems that integrate people and processes for better decision making.

Internet gave us the opportunity to connect in ways we could never imagine with Internet of Things. This will definitely take us above and beyond connections by becoming an integral part of life. Interfaces in the form of services facilitate interactions with these ‘smart things over the internet, query and change their state and any information associated with them, while taking into account security and privacy issues.