How to Use Zelle with PNC Bank: Zelle With PNC Bank Review

Zelle is a mobile payment service that allows you to pay with your smartphone. While it’s not a direct competitor of Apple Pay or Google Pay, it’s gaining popularity. In fact, it’s so popular that even PNC Bank recently partnered with Zelle to let customers make purchases with their PNC debit cards from their mobile phones.

This article will teach you how to use Zelle with your PNC card to make purchases on the web, in stores, and on your phone.

How to use Zelle with PNC

Zelle is a peer-to-peer money transfer service that transfers money almost instantly. It allows you to send or receive money to and from friends and relatives, in a faster and easier way. You can also make payments through the app.

Zelle is a user-friendly app, it is fast and requires only the email address or phone number of the person to transfer funds, regardless of who you bank with.

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Does PNC support Zelle?

Zelle is integrated with almost all the major banks of the U.S. PNC is among those banks who participate with Zell. Hence, PNC supports Zelle.

Do You Need a PNC Account to Use Zelle? 

To start sending and receiving money with Zelle, you can have a bank account with any bank in the U.S.

Most of the banks in the U.S. support Zelle, hence, you can use Zelle not only with PNC but also with any other banks in the U.S.

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Is Zelle Free to Use with PNC?

Zelle does not charge any fee: it is free to use. However, different banks have different policies. You must find out if your bank charges any money. If you are a PNC user, do not fret- Wells Fargo does not charge a fee to use Zelle.

How To Use Zelle With PNC?

To use Zelle with PNC, you must have a PNC virtual wallet or a PNC personal checking account. If you do not have a checking account with PNC, you cannot enroll in Zelle.

If you are a customer of another bank account, you can also enroll with Zelle using that bank’s mobile banking app.

For a better experience, you should have the PNC banking app on your phone.

To enroll in Zelle with the PNC mobile banking app, follow the given steps:

  • Sign in to your PNC mobile app with your banking user ID and password.
  • From the upper left corner of your screen, tap on the menu.
  • Note: it’s the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Now click on “send money with Zelle.”
  • Tap on “Get started”
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions on your screen.
  • Choose a U.S based mobile phone number to send and receive payments. You may get a verification code on this number to verify it is yours.
  • Now choose an email address. Users can send money using your phone number or the email you provided while enrolling with Zelle. If you are using your email address to enroll with Zelle, make sure you verify it with the code sent to your email.
  • Now, choose a bank account you want to use for sending and receiving money.
  • If you have multiple PNC accounts, tap on the account you want to use with Zelle. Remember, you cannot use Zelle with multiple bank accounts.

Check if all the details you gave are correct. Now you can start sending and requesting money with Zelle from your PNC mobile app.

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How to send money with Zelle on PNC

To start sending money with Zelle through your PNC mobile app, follow the steps:

  • Launch your PNC mobile banking app and tap on the three horizontal bars on the left corner of your screen. You will reach the menu.
  • Tap on Send money with Zelle.
  • Enter the email address or mobile phone number of the recipient you want to send the money.
  • Now, enter the amount of money you want to send and click on “send.”
  • Money will reach the recipient’s bank account typically within minutes.

If your recipient does not have Zelle, money will not reach his bank account and the status will show pending. Ask the recipient to enroll with Zelle to claim the payment within 14 days.

How to receive money on Zelle with PNC?

When you have enrolled with Zelle, anyone can send you money using just your email address or phone number associated with your Zelle account.

How to request money on Zelle with PNC?

You can easily request money with Zelle on your PNC mobile app.

  • Sign in to your PNC app and tap on “send money with Zelle.”
  • From the options on the screen, choose “request” to request money from a certain person.
  • Now tap on the name of the person you want to request the money from. Select from your list of recipients or tap on + to add one.
  • Tap on continue and add the amount of money you want to request.
  • Click on “review” to check if the details are correct.
  • Now click on “request.”
  • Tap on “Done” to complete the process.

How to split the money with Zelle PNC

Follow the steps to split the money with Zelle:

  • Launch the PNC mobile app on your phone.
  • On the “Send Money with Zelle” screen, choose the split option.
  • Now select the contacts you want to split the money with and tap on “continue.”
  • Enter the amount you want to split and tap on “review.” Zelle will calculate your shares equally.
  • Now tap on “split.”
  • Tap on “all done” to complete the process.

Does Zelle work with PNG Smart Access?

Zelle does not accept prepaid debit cards. However, it does have an exception with the PNC Smart Access Card and Chase Liquid Card.

However, to use your smart access card, you must have a bank account with PNC bank.

What is the transfer limit with Zelle?

Zelle does not have any specific transfer limit; it depends on your bank.

If you have a bank account with PNC your daily spending limit is $1000 and $5000 monthly.

Is Zelle safe?

If you send money with Zelle, it will not show your bank information to the recipient. All your bank information is safe and protected by the bank.

However, Zelle states that all payments done through Zelle are irrevocable. Once you complete a transaction, you cannot retrieve money from Zelle as it transfers money instantly. Hence it is safer to use Zelle only to transfer money to the people you trust i.e., your friends and family.

Zelle and PNC do not give protection from scams and fraudulent transfers. You should be careful when making payments or purchasing something.

If you notice suspicious activity, or, any unauthorized payment from your account you should contact your bank or Zelle customer support immediately.

Can I use Zelle Internationally with Zelle?

Zelle does not support international payments. You can only send or receive money from people residing in the U.S with a bank account only in U.S banks.

How much time does it require to transfer money?

Zelle transfers your money almost instantly.

However, if you are sending money to someone who is not enrolled with Zelle, the money will not reach their bank account unless they enroll, and claim the money within 14 days.

Bottom line:  How To Use Zelle With PNC

It is very easy to use Zelle with PNC. For your better experience, download the PNC mobile banking app on your phone.

 Sending money with Zelle is fast, safe, and secure. Moreover, PNC is partnered with Zelle hence, you get more advantages than users whose banks are not participating in Zelle.

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