How to get a refund on Zelle? (Try These Topnotch Tips)

What is Zelle?

Zelle is a mobile payment app that allows you to send or receive money to and from friends and relatives, in a faster and easier way. You can also make payments through the app.

How to get a refund on Zelle if sent money to the wrong person?

If you sent money to the wrong person, ask him/her to send the money back to you. This is the only way to get your mistakenly sent money back to your account.

The transactions are all irrevocable, therefore, always check and make sure you’re sending money to the correct person.

The app or your bank would not be responsible for your payment transaction. Once it is done, it is impossible to cancel it. The money is now in the hands of the receiver. You can only request the person to send it back to you.

What can be done to get your money back :

  1. Try contacting the recipient: if you sent the money to a wrong person by mistake, it becomes your own responsibility to get it back. All the banks and money transfer services would recommend you the same. You’ll have the minimal contact information of the receiver through the app through which the person can be contacted. However it will be upon the recipient to decide whether or not he wants to send the money back.
  2. Contact Zelle support: Contacting Zelle support team might be helpful, though most of the time this option doesn’t work. But, if a significant amount is concerned, you might want to get the Zelle customer team involved. You can contact the customer care service on Zelle.
  3. Contact your bank: If you’re unable to resolve your issue through Zelle customer support, you can take help from your bank by providing them with all required details. Make sure you contact them through official channels, details of which could be found on their official website.
  4. File a police report if things aren’t settling: you might need to take the help of police if there’s a large amount of money at stake and the recipient isn’t willing to return it back to you. Your local police department may help you in resolving the matters peacefully.
  5. Contact an attorney: legal intervention might become necessary if it’s a giant amount. Though legal guidance can be quite expensive, you don’t have any other option if the recipient fails to respond to your requests.

How to avoid money transfer mistakes:

Once you make a transaction it’s difficult to get the money back, henceforth it’s your responsibility to be alert and use the app carefully. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t make the mistake :

  1. Read all the terms and conditions of the app. Reading through the terms and conditions would help you understand their policies much better and help you be aware of where you stand.
  2. Send money to friends and families or only to known people. Don’t use the app for making all kinds of payments, especially to unknown or strangers.
  3. Be aware that fees might apply as all kinds of transactions are not free. Check in with your bank or Credit Card Company as they might charge fees even if the app doesn’t.
  4. Always be careful with whom you’re transferring your money to. You should always double check the accuracy of the recipient’s email or phone number before making a transaction. The ultimate responsibility is yours.

Can a Zelle payment be canceled?

There are only two cases where you want to cancel the payment

  1. If you sent the money to the wrong person

If you sent the money to the wrong person, the only way to cancel the payment is, if the amount isn’t yet credited to their account.

To cancel a pending transaction you can follow the steps below :

  • Open your Zelle app
  • Press on the Zelle Experience option
  • Visit your Activity page
  • Select the payment you want to cancel
  • Select the ‘cancel this payment’ option.
  • If the payment expires

Zelle app allows you to send money even if the recipient hasn’t enrolled in the app yet. They will receive the notification and instructions on how to get their money.

However, if your recipient doesn’t enroll on the app, the payment might expire and the amount would be returned back into your account.

What happens if you send money to a closed Zelle account?

When you send money to a closed account through Zelle, it puts your transaction on hold. The user can re-login to the app for claiming the money within 14 days. Although if the account remains closed. You would get your money back after 14 days.

If you want the money back before 14 days, you can also cancel the payment and you’ll get the money back.

How long would a canceled payment take to be returned back?

When you cancel a payment using Zelle, the screen would display the time period it will take for your fund to be reflected back in your account before you confirm your Stop Payment request.

Typically, it takes 3-5 business days for your fund to be credited back into your account.  

Can a bank reverse my payment?

In some cases, you can reverse unwanted Zelle transactions, provided you contact your bank. Then, you can chargeback on Zelle by contacting your bank if the payment was fraudulent or you were a victim of a scam. Let the bank know about your situation and describe what’s happening. Upon finding your chargeback legit, you’d be able to get your money back without facing issues.

If you’ve been tricked or scammed, you must contact your bank immediately and charge a dispute. This step would prove useful in getting your money back for sure.

What if you’re the one who received cash from unknown through Zelle?

 You should not keep the money with yourself if an amount is sent to you by mistake. You would need to return the money back to the sender by :

  1. Contacting the sender , or
  2. Asking your bank for help.

What to do if an unauthorized payment is done through your Zelle account:

Fraudulent or unauthorized payment can happen if someone gains access to your bank account and sends a Zelle payment to someone, usually themselves.

In this case, you need to contact your bank immediately and make sure if it’s an unauthorized payment.

You need to keep every detail of the transaction handy.

Keep a detailed description of why you believe it was a scam.

You should have sufficient evidence to support your claim. These can be transaction records, screenshots of any conversation with the recipient, phone logs or any other thing you believe can be used to prove your claim.

Once you have everything in place you can contact the bank about your case.


We hope your queries are resolved. Make sure to be careful using any online cash apps as there are always chances of making mistakes.