how much money can I send using Zelle? (Try These Topnotch tips)

Zelle is a mobile payment app that allows you to send or receive money to and from friends and relatives, in a faster and easier way. You can also make payments through the app.

Zelle is a user-friendly app, as it is fast and requires only the email address or phone number of the person to transfer funds, regardless of who you bank with.

Does Zelle have a sending limit?

For your security, Zelle has a sending limit. There are daily and 30-day (rolling) limits.

The amount of money you can send through Zelle daily or 30 days varies based on your own bank account, your recipient’s funding account, and also the transaction history of the recipient.

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How much can I send and receive using Zelle?

If your bank doesn’t offer Zelle you might just be able to send $500 a week.   But if your bank does offer Zelle, you might be able to transfer larger amounts. However different bank intuitions have different spending limits which you’ll need to find out. There are no limits on the amount of money you can receive through your email or phone number.

Every bank partnered with Zelle has different spending limits and terms. The daily restrictions can range from $1000 to $3500.

Where some banks allow you to spend $500 a day, there are certain liberal banks that also have a spending limit of $5000 a day. Some banks allow you to send only $5000 a day.

Moreover, some banks, like Citibank, may reserve certain benefits for established clients. You have to have your account with the bank for a certain period to qualify for the higher daily limit.

Finding your sending limit

As the spending limit varies from bank to bank, hence to check your bank’s sending limit you need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to you Online banking account
  • Once in Zelle, click send.
  • In the middle of the page, click on limit for more information regarding the spending limit.

Receiving limits

There are no restrictions of receiving limits on Zelle, however, it depends on the sender’s limits of how much they can send.

What’s with the transfer limit of Zelle?

If you want to send money in one day, Zelle Instant allows you to transfer money to anyone using just his/her email address or phone number, typically within minutes.

If there’s no rush, Zelle standard will transfer your fund the day after you pay, or on a future date. You need the recipient’s phone number or email address linked with their bank account.

Zelle standard has a higher transfer rate than Zelle Instant.

Here are the send limits of both ways:

 Daily LimitMonthly Limit
Zelle Instant(Schedule to send money today)$1,500$10,000
Zelle Standard(Schedule to send money tomorrow or at a future date)$5,000$10,000
Request Money$1,000$5,000

Who can I send money to?

Zelle can be used to send money to anyone with an eligible bank account within the U.S. However it’s advised to use Zelle only to transfer money to your friends and family or someone you trust.

Can I send $5000 to Zelle?

Zelle limits its user’s to sending approximately $1000 per week or up to $5000 a month. However, this also varies from bank to bank, and to find out you must check with your bank.

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What is the Zelle limit for Wells Fargo?

 Wells Fargo clients have a daily limit of $2,500 and a monthly limit of $20,000.

However, it must be noted that Wells Fargo can either increase or decrease its spending limits depending on how long the user has an account in their bank account or the money source.

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How long does it take to receive money with Zelle?

Money sent through Zelle is typically available within minutes if the recipient is enrolled with the app.

However, if they didn’t receive the money you sent within 3 days, it’s recommended to check their profile and see if they’ve fully enrolled and completed their profile on the app.

It is also advisable to check whether you’ve put the email or phone number of the recipient correctly. Any mistype would let you lose your money, never to be coming back.

If you’re using Zelle through your bank or credit union’s mobile app or online banking, you can check their support FAQs or contact their customer support team for help.

Still, having trouble?

 You can contact the Zelle customer support team for any further queries through the toll-free number.