Can I Send Money To Mexico With Zelle [ Answered ]

Do you want to make international payments with Zelle? Are you a Zelle user wondering why is not your fund reaching a certain place? Do not worry, your application is not broken! We have the answer to your question. First of all, let us find out what Zelle is and what does it do.

Zelle is a digital payment app that can transfer money to almost anybody in a fast, secure and simple way.

Transactions with Zelle typically take minutes. Hence, it is an easy fast, and secure way of sending and receiving money from wherever you are.

Only the email or phone number of the recipient is required to make a payment. Zelle was developed by more than 30 of the major banks of the U.S. It also has a mobile application for its users. You can also use Zelle through the mobile banking apps of the participating banks.

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What can’t I Zelle money to Mexico?

First of all, you might know Zelle was developed by a team of U.S banks coming together to create one single bank app for money transfers. 

However, Zelle lacks the feature of international transfers. Yes, you heard that right! With Zelle, you can only send money to people residing in the U.S with an eligible bank account in a U.S bank.

Along with international transfers, you cannot make payments to U.S territories including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

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Why doesn’t Zelle work internationally?

Zelle is a peer-to-peer payment service specially made to transfer funds among friends, family, or trusted people. Other online payment services like Venmo, Square Cash, etc. also do not provide international transfers.

However, the one that does provide costly transfers as in PayPal.

Hence, before blaming Zelle, you must know that Zelle was developed only to be used in the U.S. and not internationally. It is not for sending money to strangers or unknown people. Zelle’s service is mainly domestic, working only with Banks in the U.S.

Money with Zelle can be sent through your mobile banking app or, Zelle’s standalone app: if your bank is not integrated with Zelle. It is easy to use Zelle as currently, more than 100 financial institutions work with Zelle.

How to send money to Mexico?

You cannot use Zelle to transfer money to other countries. Now, if you still have to send money somehow to Mexico, we have found some of Zelle’s alternatives. There are plenty of digital payment services like Zelle that work seamlessly and are low-cost. You can also use your bank for directly transferring funds but with banks, the only disadvantage is, they are expensive and have low exchange rates for international transfers. 

You can send money to anyone using these services. Let us know about them below:

OFX: cheap bank deposits

Remitly: Fastest network

Wise: fast, affordable, user-friendly

World Remit: speed and affordable

Money gram: speed

Xoom: fast transfers

Western Union: largest network


If you are looking for an affordable transaction, you can use OFX. Sending money with OFX will require a bank account for both the sender and the receiver. This digital transfer service has no up-front transaction fees and also has a low mark-up on exchange rates. Exchange rates from the U.S dollar to Mexican pesos are very low with OFX. 

Money reaches almost in 4 business days with OFX.

Limits: minimum send limit is $1000


Remitly allows you cheap international money transfers. It has considerable cash pickup locations in Mexico. It often offers the lowest rates for money transfers abroad from the U.S.

Remitly has low exchange rates especially if you choose to transfer the fund between 3-5 business days. If you want instant transfers, it might cost you a little extra. Standard transfers are usually low.

However, if you want to send less than $500, it might cost you $3.99 or above, even if it’s an instant transfer. Sending more than that will cost you almost nothing. They also provide you the option of sending funds through Credit cards with a 3% charge.

You can send money to a bank account or even to Remitly pickup locations available throughout Mexico. Customer support services are also available for any kind of help.


Wise is a London-based service widely used money transfer service. It is quick for international transfers which had made it popular among the people.

It transfers money easily and is affordable with its web-based and mobile platforms.

Transfer time with Wise is almost 2 business days and its cheapest destinations are North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

World Remit

World Remit is a London-based service that provides service across the globe.

It is fast and affordable even with Cash pickups with the cheapest destinations in Latin America and Africa.


Moneygram is a fast service usually depending upon the amount of money you want to send. Transfers usually take an hour or so, between bank accounts.

The timing depends on your retail location if you are opting for the Cash pickup method. With convenience, comes a price. You need to pay $5 to send with cash. There are exchange rates and markups too. However, if you are sending from one bank account to another, it comes free of cost except for markup.


It is a PayPal-owned provider which can transfer money the same day you send it. Delivery with cash pickup locations takes almost minutes which also depends on bank hours.

There are charges with Xoom, but if you have urgent transfers to make, this is the best option.

A charge of $3 is required for bank transfers whereas with a credit or debit card it may cost you $4 to $76.

With its website or the app, you can send money to a person, easily to any of the major banks in Mexico. Xoom can also be used to pay utility bills or reload phones for your closed ones staying in Mexico.

Western Union

Western Union allows you to easily send money through its website or via a mobile app. It also has more than 35000 cash pickup locations in Mexico. With this amount of network base, you can transfer money to almost all parts of Mexico, even the rural parts. You can make payments for the transfers with a U.S bank account, Apple Pay, o a debit or Credit Card.

The time takes by it is almost 4 business days to complete bank transfers. For faster transfers, you may need to pay some extra charges.

 Bank account transfers are usually the cheapest to Mexico.

Speed and security with Zelle

Money through Zelle gets transferred within moments.

However, if the recipient is not enrolled with Zelle, it might take time to reach them. Money will not reach their bank account unless they enroll with Zelle.

If sent the money to someone who does not have a Zelle account, ask them to enroll in Zelle and claim their payment.

If they do not register with Zelle within 14 days of the payment, it will expire, and you will get your money back in your account.

If you are using Zelle within your mobile banking app, it provides bank-level security. All your financial data remains safe with Zelle.

However, there is no protection for scams and frauds. If you are using Zelle, you should be extra careful while making payments to unknown people or sharing passwords with anyone.

in Bottom line: Can I Send Money To Mexico With Zelle

While choosing a provider for your money transfers you should always compare with providers and find the best one for yourself. Here are some things to consider while choosing a transfer service.

Look for a provider which is fast and affordable.

You might need to sign up in the provider’s app or website for making transfers

Make sure you provide all the correct details to the provider.

Be reminded to keep track of your transfer’s progress.

We hope the article was useful to you. We tried out best to research and came up with some of the best services for your money transfers.