Asset management

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Asset management platform – Complete asset management system tailored for you

Cybermates Asset management platform is state-of-the-art and scalable system designed to address challenges on day to day basis. We had the opportunity of building an application to solve the asset management issues for a telecom and Heath Care Client in the past. The main issues being managing and monitoring assets in multiple locations and move active and passive components on-premise and off-premise.

Our ASM system maintains record of acquisition of assets in different locations and the assigned users in a digital asset register. Depreciation calculations, assets to be taken off the register, ready to be disposed etc can be managed. From designing the solution to providing multiple iterations, we were successful in implementing much to the awe of our clients that it is possible to track the assets from a single location.

We leveraged open source technologies and built the three-tier framework to tag assets to connect and disconnect users by enhancing the user experience.