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SMAC services by Cybermate Infotek Ltd is taking to next level of Digital World , SMAC services help business to improve its operation and get closer to the customer.
SMAC services
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SMAC Services

SMAC customized services by Cybermate is taking to next level of Digital World , Team has clear vision of need to get connected customers with social media and continuous engagement through Mobile and collaborative model. Ability to discover value proposition to each customer and continuous SEO,SEM predictions and patterns.

Cybermate infotek provide tools and services that will get you smart analytics giving you instant access to required data for your quick and real-time decisions Welcome to the most significant change to hit the business world in decades… The power of this technology platform is in treating it as stack, for its components have a multiplying effect when they work in combination.

Cybermate with its expertise have observed that every decade IT industry has witnessed new innovations in computing which have changed the way IT services are delivered to the business and end users , this time wave is along with Social , Mobile , Analytics and Cloud technologies collectively known as SMAC

Social Technologies :

Facebook, You tube , Twitter have made geographic boundaries meaningless and enabled the implementation of platforms to connect and exchange views , collaborate with each other.

Mobile Technologies:

Leveraging on mobile technologies that support Business heads for quick and effective decision making with smart business operations in their financial agendas, and multiple modes of payments and remittance solutions .

Analytics :

Utilization of raw data, inference rules and analysis models to provide decision makers to perform necessary steps to improve their day to day or milestone activities.

Cloud Technologies:

Model for enabling on demand network and a convenient way to access a pool of computing resources which includes servers, networks, applications and services. The main features of cloud includes Data Storage, Data backup , data accessibility, collaboration and resources.