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Vendor Management System

Cybermates vendor management software system allows you to efficiently manage entire cycle of procurement process both for Goods and Services


Retail Management System

With advent of Globalisation  we have moved from a single store format to a chain of stores model with  improved retail experience.


Content Management System

A growing business accumulates a lot of content which is scattered through the organization. The unorganized content needs to be organized


Payroll Management System

Our payroll software  has complies with all of the latest payroll legislation, including  Automatic Enrolment.


People Management System

Based on decades of experience of supporting the HR needs and international companies, large and small


Asset Management System

Cybermates AMS  has been designed to address challenges on day to day basis we had the opportunity of building an application


Fleet Management System

Cybermatesfleet management application  is targeted for small and large fleet operators who are engaged in passenger and cargo movement.


Customer Relation Management System

While we all agree that customer is king it is important for  efficient system that will enable us to keep our relation positive with our customers


Corporate Information System

Our Corporate Information system is a tool to assist project management of clients in services industry whose revenue cycles are defined by projects.